3 steps for legal research

Legal research takes time and expensive resources. Let us do your legal research for a low flat fee. One you are registered, ordering legal research is a simple 3-step process.

Tell us your legal issue


We research case law and statutory authority that either: (1) answers a legal question; or (2) supports a proposition.


Tell us your jurisdiction


Select U.S. federal law by Circuit or any state.



We deliver your research report

We deliver a Research Report within two business days with up to five authorities that address your issue. We will cite relevant portions of cases, statutes, and rules so that you know right away how the authority is significant to your question.

We provide the legal research you need


Research questions answered

My Legal Research is designed for solo practitioners and small firm attorneys who need occasional or frequent help researching legal issues. If a client wants your advice on a new problem, or perhaps a problem you have not faced recently, we will help you assure yourself on the law. If you are busy or focused on other cases, we can handle your legal research needs. If you are not ready to hire another paralegal or research associate, we will add flexibility to your practice and help keep overhead costs down.

flat rate

Flat rate legal research

Our flat-rate Research Reports cost $100 and include up to five authorities that address your research issue. We do not bill by the hour. We want you to know what our service costs and what you can expect to receive.

research report

Research Reports delivered within two business days

We will deliver your Research Report within two business days of your order. If you order legal research from us on Wednesday, for instance, we will deliver the report by Friday. Contact Us if you need expedited research or if you have a more in-depth project that you want to discuss.

6 Reasons to let us handle your legal research.

  • You’ll be confident in our research

    We will cite relevant portions of cases, statutes, and rules so that you know right away how the authority pertains to your question.

  • Save overhead costs

    Save overhead costs on paralegals and law clerks by letting us handle your research needs when they arise.

  • All our researchers have legal educations

    Each one of our researchers received a legal education at an ABA accredited law school.

  • Avoid expensive legal research databases

    Legal research database services are expensive and time consuming to use. We have access to the foremost commercial legal research databases and will use them to find the best case law and other authority available.

  • Your information is confidential

    Confidentiality and security is our priority. We won’t share your identity, the questions you ask us to research, or your Research Reports with anyone.

  • Save time

    Let us handle your legal research so you can spend more time doing the things you love.

Download a sample research report

Download Sample Report

We strive to find the best case law and other authority

Having confidence in legal research means having the best authority available. That is why we search cases from the highest court in the jurisdiction you select where the holding and announced legal rules pertain to your issue. If you ask us to find support for a proposition, we will search for cases from the highest authority in the jurisdiction where the result and the facts of the case support the proposition. If precedent is not available, we will search for pertinent dicta and legal principles, if appropriate.

After that, we search for legal rules and dicta from lower courts in the jurisdiction you select. If highly persuasive authority exists in another jurisdiction, we may identify that as well. We will also identify rules, statutes, authoritative principles, and cases that permit reasoning by analogy to your issue. When appropriate, we may also highlight authoritative treatises and other secondary sources.